At least 10 candidates have declared their intention so far to contest the upcoming National Council (NC) election next year in Tsirang.

More candidates are expected to show up in the coming days.

One of the 10 candidates is woman.

The candidates offer various level of experience from diverse professional backgrounds.

Damber Ghimeray from Gosarling is the oldest candidate registered so far. He has a masters degree in Communication and Arts.

He said that his 16 years of experience in media puts him in a comfort zone to understand public policies and their impact on people’s lives. “NC members are responsible for framing laws, and they are expected to be conversant in almost all public issues. Having worked in media is a unique strength in my candidacy,” he said.

Hom Nath Thapa, 29, will contest against him from the gewog. He contested for the post of gup in the last elections but did not get elected.

Kencho Wangmo, 41, who runs a daycare centre in Damphu, is the lone candidate to declare intention to contest so far. For her,  she was, it was more about participation and encouraging other women to contest than winning the post. She has a 14-years of experience in teaching.

She is from Kilkhorthang gewog and said she declared her intention to contest with support and encouragement from her  friends and family. “I felt I could invest my skills and motivate other women to come forward.”

Migma Lama Tamang, 29, will contest against Kencho from Kilkhorthang gewog. Migma has a master’s degree in international business and about four years of working experience.

He also said participation is more important than winning. “Participation in Parliament is not just for elderly people. Youth should be encouraged to participate to contribute towards nation building,” he said.

There are two candidates from Tsholingkhar gewog as of now.

Sangay Tamang, 33, who currently works as a cable manager in Dagana, said he decided to contest, realising the need of a good leader and decision maker.

He also contested in the last local government election. He lost at the chiwog level by two votes.

Ram Kumar Neopaney, 29, will also contest from Tsholingkhar.

From Phuentenchu gewog, Lok Nath Tiwari will contest. He stayed in the village for the last five years and he said he understood the issues facing the people better.

He contested during the local government election and lost.

He said he feels he will be able to represent people well.

From Mendrelgang, Ramesh Chhetri Bhandari, 32, will contest. The tour guide said he decided to contest to do something for the king, country and people.

In Doonglagang, Tara Bir Chuwan, 35, said he decided to contest in NC to bring changes in the lives of people.

He is into cattle feed business for the last seven years and claims he knows the people and their problem.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang