Neten Dorji | Trashigang

With Covid-19 positive cases growing in the country on-going restrictions, many residents in Trashigang are hoping for rent waiver.

Economic activities have come to a halt and paying rent has become a major problem for many people.

Tenzin Gonpo, who runs a budget hotel in Trashigang town, has not been able to pay rent for four months. “Income sources have stopped. There is no business opportunity whatsoever,” he said.

Tenzin pays Nu 50,000 rent per month.

A hotelier, Chimi Wangmo, has been behind in rent for some time now. The hotel business has been down. “There’s been no business at all.”

She has to pay a rent of Nu 15,000 for the hotel room and separate rent for the apartment where she and her family live.

Similarly, Pema Wangchuk is adjusting and has been arranging money from his relatives to pay rent.

“If landlords waive even 10 percent of the rent, it will help a lot of people here,” said a shopkeeper, who has even had to apply for Kidu.

Deki Yangzom opened a restaurant in Trashigang March last year. A week later, the nationwide lockdown happened.  This is the second time.

Ugyen Zangmo, who owns a restaurant, said that her landlord was very considerate. “But I am not sure whether I can pay this month’s rent.”

Ney Dorji has waived 20 percent of the rent for all his tenants since the first nationwide lockdown.“I am a businessman and I know how the pandemic is affecting everybody.