Religion: Tendu will soon be getting its first Hindu temple, the Bishnu Mandir.

Construction began earlier this year and is nearing completion.

The location of the Bishnu temple is about a kilometre away from Tendu town towards Bara. The site located close to Jum Akhay Jem Nye also known as Devi Than by locals.

In Jum Akhay Jem Nye, locals say resides one of the main deities of Tendu. People from Haa visit the nye every year.

The nye, according to Tendu locals is also related to a lake in Haa called Tshalu Tsho Tsha. A woman from Tendu where the nye stands today was married to a Haap and brought to Haa.

According to legend, the woman who was believed to be a khandrom was not treated well by her husband. She had then thrown herself in the lake.

Tendu Gup Pema Wangchuk said that the government has provided about Nu 1 million (M) to fund the temple’s construction. “This is the first Hindu temple here,” the gup said, adding that there are also two special statues that have been ordered from Rajasthan in India. “The statues have arrived.”

Tendu Gup Pema Wangchuk also said that the statues, made of marble, were procured at a cost of Nu 1M.

Rajesh Rai | Tendu