Testing times have come

It is exam time. Children are busy revising the lessons. Parents are worried and so are our teachers. For some students, this is a crucial time. This exam will determine their future.

To thousands of students across the country, we wish you all the best.

This is also the time when our parents ought to be extra careful. After exams our children find that they suddenly have nothing else to do and get into things that do not benefit them. The problem is that we have more bars and dark corners than education centre where our children can spend quality time. It is sad that some of our children cannot return to school.

That’s why as parents we can ill afford to let our children slip out while we pursue our own small pleasures and excitement.

This is also the time when we have to thank our teachers who have for almost a year sacrificed their sleep and comfort to educate our children. They are paid so much less for interminably long hours they have to work. But then, as our own eminent philosopher said, our teachers will forever be paid less because what they offer is priceless. This is why we need to thank our teachers who rarely get recognition that they deserve.

We have many programmes in winter that are designed particularly to engage our youth in productive activities. But it is parents who do not care about such initiatives that the government and many non-governmental organisations take for the benefit of our children.

Children, as exams near, it is important that you do not labour too much with lessons. Have enough rest and face the exams with confidence.

Soon the schools will close. So it is now upon parents to guide their children.

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    Exam times at school are indeed difficult times if we can remember now. Students from different classes usually face the exams in different states of mind. Even in the same class, students approach an exam in a way that vary from individual to individual.

    When an exam is an opportunity for one to test his learning; it’s mainly a test to pass and score really good marks for the majority. The expected minimum performance criteria is also moving upwards with every passing year and exam. So it’s natural that our young students will be slightly tensed as they prepare their lessons for the final time before the exams.

    This is where even parents need to pay a responsible role. Performance is must with cut-off marks heading north all the time. But we need to tell these students that they should also try to take an examination as an opportunity to test their own learning, the lessons they have learnt during the entire academic year. Examinations will come and go, but their knowledge stays with them for an entire life and this we must convey to our children.

    Examination is also a mean to test these young students for their ability to handle pressure and more accurately, it’s probably a method to teach them how to better handle a pressure situation. Unfortunately, that part doesn’t happen like that in today’s school exams with students under tremendous pressure to score marks. But if that’s the case with higher classes, say the class X and XII students appearing for their final exams; the lower class students can approach their exams in a more testing and yet a relaxed manner. So preparations must start early before one faces the exams that don’t give a second chance.

    Some good rest before the examination should help the students. A fresh and relaxed mind always help to deal with a pressure situation a lot better. Examinations should give you that fighting attitude in life, not just for one class test or exam. This is where parents need to look after the children a bit more during the exam days. There are chances that a student may not do great in one subject, but he will need some encouragement from his parents so that he perform better in the following subjects. We all expect the students to make best use of the limited time they get once they are in the examination hall and best of luck to them for that.

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