Recipe: Method:

Heat oil in a wok, add ginger, chilli, curry powder and turmeric. Cook till ginger and curry powder releases its aroma (1 minute).

And in the vegetable and rice, toss thoroughly till each grain is coated with the curry oil mixture.

Season with salt and sweet soy sauce.

Add in the roasted cashew nuts toss for another 1 minute and serve hot.

Cooked Basmati Rice: 150gms

Turmeric: ½tsp

Curry Powder: ½tsp

Chilli: 15gms

Ginger: 10gms

Mixed Bell Peppers: 75gms

Beans: 50gms

Carrot: 50gms

Corn Kernels: 50gms

Roasted Cashew: 75gms

Salt: to taste

Sweet Soy Sauce: 1tbsp

Oil: 50ml


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