Four futsal ground in Trashigang and periphery

Neten Dorji | Trashigang

It was the most lucrative business across the country in the last few years. With a one-time investment lasting for about five years  and quick returns, artificial turfs,  big and small, began sprouting like mushrooms. Proprietors in Trashigang and Trashiyangtse thought the same.

From none a few years ago, there are four futsal grounds in Trashigang alone.  One more at Rangjung is nearing completion. Trashiyangtse has two, one at Doksum and the other near the Yangtse town.

However, with too many grounds the customers are thinly spread and the once lucrative business is now becoming unviable.

Thinley Dorji who introduced futsal turf in Trashigang said that the business was lucrative in the beginning. His turf in Kanglung remains empty most of the time today. “With many artificial turf, the business is gone,” he said. Earlier monks and students from Trashigang came to Kanglung to play.

Tshering Dorji, who owns the Gomphu Kora futsal ground shared the same story. “Before futsal grounds were constructed in Trashigang, monks, staff from Kofuko and the hospital used to come here.Now they stopped coming here after turf opened in Trashigang,” he said.

Tshering Dorji started his futsal business in 2022. A fee of Nu 1,200 was charged for an hour-long game during the day and Nu 1,800 at night. He made about Nu 70,000 in a month in the past.

He is banking on the Kholongchu Hydro Project to start again for clients. “Everyone is jumping  into the same business killing  each other in the long run.”

With the recent completion of another futsal ground in Satsalo, there are two futsal turf near Trashigang town.

Tshewang Tashi, opened his futsal turf in November, 2022 but despite being located about 10 minutes drive from Trashigang town, he is also complaining of  poor business.

Tshewang Tashi earned around Nu 131,000 a month when he started. “Now, I hardly earn because of a lot of turf being built around the town,” he said. “Futsal business in the district would fail because many turfs are being constructed, while the population is less in the town.”

Tshewang started his business targeting the town’s residents and teachers and staff of nearby schools.

Trashigang town has around 2,500 population and  approximately 4,000 populations in Kanglung which includes students of Sherubtse College.

With more grounds, the business is getting competitive. However, some owners are improving services. Tshewang Tashi’s futsal in Chenary is constructing a swimming pool and a workshop.

Like Tshewang, the other owners are also trying to woo the customers with different ideas.

Most of the turf owners constructed the ground by availing loans. Most of them were worried about the recovery of loans and expenditures.

“It would be very useful, if concerned authorities could grant permission by inspecting the real situation of existing futsal ground and population,” the owner, Thinley Dorji suggested.“Otherwise, it will be difficult for all of us.”