1. Ugyen Dorji (Upay) plays as midfielder for Drukstar FC and the national squad. The 22-year-old is currently training to be a guide.

2. Dawa Gyeltshen, who works for the Bhutan Football Federation is a key player for the team. The defender with his quickness deflected several Sri Lankan attacks during the qualifiers.

3. Hari Gurung the goal keeper of the squad became a national hero after his match winning save in the dying minutes of second leg of the qualifiers at Changlimithang. The 23-year-old with his quick reflexes and fine shot-saving abilities helped the Dragon Boys win the qualifiers with a 3-1 aggregate against Sri Lanka.

4. Man Bahadur Gurung (Manoj) is the centre defender for team Bhutan. Averting several Sri Lankan attacks, the 22-year-old with his strong physical presence helped the national team win the second leg of the qualifiers.

5. Karma Nidup, 22 is a student at RTC. He plays left defender for the nattional squad.

6. Biren Basnet is also a first year student at RTC. The midfielder with precise passing and dribbling skills created several goal scoring opportunities for his team mates in the two qualifying matches. The 21-year-old also plays for Thimphu City FC.

7. Tshering Dorji (tshagay) the only goal scorer during the first leg of the qualifiers has become a national hero with his first international goal at Colombo. The 19-year-old is a first year student at Royal Thimphu College and plays for Thimphu City FC.

8. Chokey Nima, the head coach of the national football team is also the technical director of the Bhutan Football Federation. Under the 45-year-old, who once also played for the national team, Bhutan played her first World Cup qualifiers and bagged her first international win at Colombo.

9. Karma Shedrup Tshering is the captain of the national squad. The 25-year-old plays centre midfield. With speed and height (178 cm) he is an attacking player for the team. An airline pilot by profession, Karma also plays for Thimphu City FC.

10. Lhendup Dorji a Druk Star player likes spending time with his family and listening to music before any big match. The 20-year-old midfielder could have sealed the match for the Dragon Boys had he capitalised on the two goal scoring opportunities during the match at Changlimithang. Nevertheless, the midfielder is confident with his play for the next round of the qualifiers.

11. Karun Gurung runs a restaurant in the capital. The 29-year-old midfielder likes playing chess and admires tennis player Rafael Nadal. The left-footed midfielder plays for FC Terton and Paro Yuljong Futsal Club.

 12. Lungtok Dawa (Chelsea), as his nickname indicates, is a very huge fan of the English football club Chelsea. A high school graduate of 2014, he loves listening to classical English music. The 17-year-old midfielder aspires to play like Eden Hazard, a current Chelsea midfielder.

 13. Chencho Gyeltshen, also known as Parop by his team mates is the only player with professional training and experience in the game. The nimble footed 19-year-old has proven to be an asset for the national squad scoring a brace during the second leg of the World Cup qualifiers at Changlimithang.

 14. Jigme Tshering Dorji another centre defender with the national team is one of the tallest players in the squad at 185cm. His precise tackling abilities left the most of the Lankan lions on the ground. The 22-year-old plays for Thimphu City FC and studies at RTC.

Complied by 

Younten Tshedup



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