Lhakpa Quendren

In the last few years, as the Covid-19 pandemic called for several lockdowns, the financial burden for the nation increased. Many private employees, including daily wage earners, were affected severely.

But the nation rose to the occasion following His Majesty The King’s national addresses. The people got the strength to fight the pandemic.

“Building the resilience, confidence, and security of our people must take greater priority over conserving our resources,” His Majesty The King said in His second address to the nation in April 2020.

His Majesty The King said: “Our priority will always be the health and well-being of our people. We will continue to do everything to ensure that lives are not put at risk.”

His Majesty’s Royal Addresses provided a great sense of relief for the people in difficult times.

Tshering Yuden, a hotelier in Pemagatshel, said that while people were in the dark time, the Royal Addresses brought great relief and happiness to the people. “His Majesty The King’s speeches inspired us to keep going, no matter how hard the situation. We are blessed with such a great leader and are lucky to have been born in Bhutan.”

At a time when people were going through a difficult time, His Majesty The King lifted the spirits of the people and gave hope to the nation.

“At such a time, we must exhibit the strength that comes out of our smallness, remain united and support one another. During such exceptional circumstances, the government will take the responsibility of alleviating any suffering to the people due to the virus,” His Majesty The King said in March 2020.

Inspired by His Majesty The King, people from all backgrounds began showing their solitary and support to the nation through financial contributions.

Ranjit Tamang, the owner of Bhutan Real Estate, who fully waived rents for his 14 tenants throughout the lockdowns, contributed Nu 1 million to the Kidu Fund and donated 2,000 cases of mineral water to the de-suup in four dzongkhags.

“His Majesty The King’s concern for the nation inspired us and we thought it was the right time for us to help the country. We would like to thank His Majesty for the inspiration, love, and care for the people,” he said.

“During this pandemic, my only priority is the well-being and happiness of our people, including those living abroad… as I always say, if our people stay diligent and committed, united in purpose and spirit, all will be well,” His Majesty The King said in September 2020.

Ugyen Tshering, a river guide of Panbang, said that when he was finding it difficult to cheer himself up during the pandemic days, the Royal Addresses gave him the motivation and the strength to go on.

“The pandemic brought difficult day for many people. Our business went down abruptly. But we were encouraged to move forward and most of our members were the Kidu recipients,” Ugyen Tshering said.

What the people paid back, in their small ways was also appreciated by the King.

“Our commitment to the well-being of our fellow Bhutanese was clearly evident in the hard work, and what we have accomplished in the past six months,” His Majesty The King said.