I just joined a gym. I am extremely excited about what will come my way. I have read that exercises and sports build character and confidence. Could you please explain it in depth what this means, and what I should expect from it?
Jigme Penjor

Hi Jigme,
It is true that sports help build character and confidence because it entails a very high level of work ethics to do them well. You also need to be consistent.
The higher and longer the level of your involvement in sports, the deeper the understanding of tools that will chisel you into a desirable personality with all the qualities to lead and inspire.
Personally, these are lessons I learn each day from my involvement in weight training and bodybuilding.

Tip of the week:

“Irrespective of age, sex or profession, a consistent involvement in a sport you love is necessary for a fulfilling life”

1. Hard work is necessary:
You must work hard for anything that you desire.

2. Loss is inevitable:
Losing is part of everybody’s journey to success. There is no one who hasn’t failed. Learning from these failures will play a critical role in preparing you for success.

3. Team work:
You learn to accept and respect differences and learn to work as a team. We are always far stronger as a team.

4. Good health:
When you are healthy, you tend to be more positive. Ask anyone who does weight training and they will say that they do because it makes them feel good about themselves.
On the contrary, speak to an individual with poor health, and most of what they say always carries a tone of negativity.

5. Power:
With every success, you realise you earn a face and a voice that people around you grow eager to see and listen to. Using this power for the good of others will bring you countless joy and fulfillment.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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