Small road, big confusion at Changzamtog

KInley Wangchuk I Intern

If the morning rush near the roundabout at Changzamtog is anything to go by, motorists need to re-sit their driving license test or undergo some driving lessons, or else it will call for traffic police intervention.

There is a third short lane on the expressway near the roundabout at Changzamtog.  The lane marked with arrows, although fading, indicates vehicles turning left to be on the short lane.  However, it is hardly happening with vehicles on the slow lane taking a sudden left turn on reaching the exit to the roundabout.  And with a U turn at the same area, the road faces confusion galore every morning.

Vehicles heading towards the main town are required to be on the speed (right) lane and the slow lane and spare the short lane for those turning towards Changzamtog.  A mound of debris collected and not disposed of has added to the congestion.

Motorists say that traffic police should direct the route for about a week to let motorists understand the rule. “Clear signage before reaching the intersection could also help educate motorists,” says a regular road user.

Driving on the expressway, many say, needs to be directed as following correct lanes could ease the traffic flow. “Not many follow the fast and slow lane. It’s not marked, but it should be assumed that the right lane is for vehicles moving faster without the need to stop,” said one. “Often you see four-wheel drive vehicles moving slowly without any consideration to other users.”

Motorists also expressed the need for traffic police to monitor the road and penalise people, who are slowing down the traffic flow. “A week-long awareness could help and then they could start penalising,” said an office goer, who uses the road every day.

The U-turn also makes it risky for many vehicles as the U-turn cuts into the speed lane.  Reckless drivers could cause accidents like a Bolero pickup truck yesterday morning nearly ramming into a taxi.  At the U turn, a vehicle turning has the right of way, but quite often speeding vehicles hardly notice the U turn, risking a collision.

Some road use education could surely come in handy to avoid accidents and smoothen the flow of traffic.