On the way back to Thimphu, the business community, and the dzongkhag officials of Trongsa gathered at the town centre to offer farewell tshogchang to His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen yesterday morning.

Before meeting the people in Trongsa town, His Majesty The King visited the site where the dam for the 720 MW Mangdechu Hydroelectric Project is being constructed.

Their Majesties also offered prayers at the Trongsa Dzong.

Yesterday, His Majesty The King offered prayers at the Phuntshopelri Muktsen Neykhang. This important lhakhang had deep connection with Jigme Namgyel and the deity Muktsen. When His Majesty The King became Trongsa Penlop in 2004, His Majesty The King installed a statue of Muktsen in the temple.

His Majesty The King also visited Bemji Nagtshang, the ancestral home of the Bemji Choeje, to which some of the Druk Desis of Bhutan, as well as Gangteng Trulkus, have been born.

His Majesty The King yesterday granted an Audience to the staff of the MHPA and visited the Karma Drupdey Palmo Choekidingkha nunnery in Kuenga Rapten with Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen and His Royal Highness The Gyalsey. The nuns offered Ku Sung Thukten Mendryel to His Royal Highness.

His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen were in Trongsa with His Royal Highness The Gyalsey following the 109th National Day celebrations.

Their Majesties travelled across the dzongkhag to meet with the people, and presented His Royal Highness The Gyalsey. People from across the dzongkhag expressed their great joy on receiving the opportunity to offer their wishes personally to Their Majesties on the Royal Birth.