In what is a case of community and projects sharing responsibilities, the Tansgibji Hydroelectric Limited (THEL) will carry out research to resolve the issue of drying water sources.

The project has formed a committee after reports of water sources drying reached the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT).

Three drinking water sources in Nyala-Dangla and another at Tashiling were reported to be drying and villagers alerted the gewog administration. It was discussed in the recently concluded dzongkhag tshogdu.

Deputy Managing Director of THEL, Sujan Rai said that the management held a meeting immediately after the issue was discussed in the DT and a committee was formed to carry out the research.

The project in collaboration with the gewog administration will carry out the necessary work to resolve the problems.

“It is the project’s priority to resolve the water issue if it caused by THEL,” he said.  The project will study and identify the primary water sources and will be putting “v notch” at various points to monitor the water level. V notch is a simple technology to meter flow in a channel.

“The committee will complete the research within this month. Depending on what the study recommends, we will work immediately to restore it,” said Sujan Rai.

Whatever the reasons, villagers are concerned with the shrinking water supply. Nyala-Dangla tshogpa Pema Wangdi said that three drinking water sources for around 11 households are drying making it insufficient for drinking.

Villagers suspected the blasting work at the dam site and have requested the gewog administration to talk with the project authority.

In the meantime, villagers in Nyala-Dangla are fetching water from the nearby stream and from a marshy area near the village.

Tandin Wangmo of Tsohngdidrub said besides losing the pond below her house, which was the previous source, the marshy area is also drying up. About seven households depended on the pond. “With no water, even the cattle are fed from the drinking water,” she said.

“If that also dries up there are no other sources.”

Nim Dorji | Trongsa