Thinley Namgay

Iron Female Ox year-Thimphu: Despite inconveniences caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Thimphu saw some changes and achievements in 2021.

Thimphu nominated two female gups for the third local government (LG) election in December, inspiring women to take part in leadership roles.

Sonam Zangmo and Karma Zangmo were the only two gup candidates from 22 during the dhamngoi zomdus that ended on November 14.

The Thimphu dzongkhag in 2021 gave importance to its highlanders.

DT in September approved increased rates for porter-pony services for the highland communities of Lingzhi, Soe and Naro.

One of the main sources income for highlanders continues to be porter-pony services that they provide for the government, tourists and local commuters.

The DT revised the daily porter charges to Nu 500 and Nu 700 for pony services.

For better connectivity, the DT in April decided that remote Chebisa village under Lingzhi will get B-mobile 4G network.

However, highlanders also had to grapple with some challenges.

Lingzhi community lost more than 100 yaks due to the gid disease. Locally known as guyoom, gid is a central nervous system disease caused by the larval stage of the tapeworm taenia multiceps, which infects animal’s small intestine. The virus affects the brains of young yaks aged one to three years and kills them painfully.

One of the main concerns around the country amid the pandemic was the continuity of education for the students. Thimphu dzongkhag did quite well in this field.

The dzongkhag education sector successfully facilitated classes X and XII students to study in the self-containment zone to prepare for their board exams.

Necessary arrangements such as classrooms, bedding, drinking water, kitchen, and ICT were put in place before calling students in the school. During that time, 408 class X and XII students were engaged  at Khasadrapchu MSS, Kuzhugchen MSS, Wangbama Central School, and Yangchengatshel MSS.

While many youths  in Thimphu lost jobs due to the pandemic, others found their ways and took advantage of the pandemic. Youths started commercial oyster mushroom farming.

Chencho Thinley set up a commendable oyster mushroom farm at Wangsisina in July after availing a loan of Nu 500,000 from the national CSI bank. He earns Nu 400 per Kg of mushroom.

But the year had some challenges for Thimphu, too.

With the growing populations in Thimphu, social issues such as lack of adequate drinking water, high house rent and unemployment surged in 2021.