Yangyel Lhaden

The eight gewogs in Thimphu nominated 22 gup candidates, including two women, during the dhamngoi zomdus that ended on November 14.

There are four gup candidates each from the Darkarla, Maedwang, and Ge-Nyen gewogs; three gup candidates in Lingzhi gewog; and two gup candidates in the Kawang, Chang, and Naro gewogs. Soe gewog has only one candidate.

The two female gup candidates were nominated from the Chang and Maedwang gewogs. Sonam Zangmo was nominated from Chang-Yokha and Debsi chiwog in Chang gewog. Khasadrapchhu chiwog in Maedwang gewog nominated Karma Zangmo as one of four gup candidates.

Gup aspirants from Soe’s Dazotoen chiwog Tshering Dorji, and Kinga Tshering from Pagoed chiwog in Naro failed to secure nominations. Tshering Dorji secured five ‘yes’ and eight ‘no’ votes and Kinga Tshering secured 17 ‘yes’ and 30 ‘no’ votes.

In Soe gewog, the lone gup candidate Kencho Dorjeee was nominated unanimously from Jangothang chiwog, with all seven voters who turned up for the dhamngoi zomdu voting in favour of his nomination.

In Lingzhi, gup nominees are from the Chhuzarkha, Shayuel, and Ganguel chiwogs. Tenzin Zangpo was nominated from Chhuzarkha chiwog with 15 ‘yes’ and two ‘no’ votes. Out of 34 voters, Tenzin Lhendup from Shayuel chiwog got 33 ‘yes’ votes to stand in the election for the post of gup. Wangdi from Gangyuel chiwog secured 30 ‘yes’ votes from 31 voters.

Four chiwogs under Dakarla gewog nominated a gup candidate each. Tandin Namgay from Chamgang Toed secured 60 ‘yes’ and 23 ‘no’ votes. Kado from Dakarla secured 99 ‘yes’ and 25 ‘no’ votes. Gado from Gaytayla secured 22 ‘yes’ votes from all voters, whereas Tandin Dorji from Wangdrog chiwog was nominated as gup candidate with four more ‘yes’ votes. He got 26 ‘no’ votes.

Gyem Dorji is a gup candidate from Barshong chiwog in Naro gewog. He secured more than double the votes (27 votes) of his competitor Wangchuk, who secured 12 votes. Another gup candidate from Naro gewog is Gyem Tshering, who secured 38 ‘yes’ votes from all voters present at the dhamngoi zomdu.

In Maedwang gewog Chencho Tenzin from Jimina chiwog was nominated as gup candidate with 166 ‘yes’ votes, Tandin Pema from Sisinang chiwog with 241 ‘yes’ votes, Karma Zangmo from Khasadrapchhu with 147 ‘yes’ votes, and Kado with ‘177’ yes.

Out of 21 voters at the zomdu in Chang gewog’s Chang-Yokha and Debsi chiwog, Sonam Zangmo who secured 20 ‘yes’ votes was nominated as a gup candidate, and Ugyen from Ramtoktok-Tsangrina chiwog secured a nomination with 52 ‘yes’ and four ‘no’ votes.

Dawa Tshering from Dazhi-Zhoshuel chiwog and Norbu Gyeltshen from Kuzugchen chiwog are the gup candidates from Kawang gewog. Dawa Tshering secured 148 votes and Norbu Gyeltshen secured 52 ‘yes’ votes from all the voters who attended the respective zomdus.

The four gup candidates from Ge-Nyen gewog are Namgay Thaye, who secured 69 ‘yes’ votes and 13 ‘no’ votes from Genekha chiwog, Tauchung was nominated after he secured 71 ‘yes’ and four ‘no’ votes.

From Tshochhekha-Zamtok chiwog, Hado Tshering became the gup candidate after securing 76 ‘yes’ votes. Kencho from Chizhi chiwog was nominated as the gup candidate after securing 33 votes.

Edited by Tshering Palden