Yangyel Lhaden 

Thimphu police recorded 13 cases of breaching Covid-19 zone protocol in the ongoing lockdown.

According to police sources, of the 13 people who breached the zone protocol, eight were sent on surety  agreement and five, who are repeated offenders were detained.

“They would be charged for breaching public order and tranquillity after the lockdown,” Thimphu’s officer-in-command, Gembo Penjor said.

Police and DeSuup patrolling team apprehended three people who crossed zones on new year eve.

Police also recorded seven cases of domestic violence and four cases of larceny and burglary.

All people involved in the cases were sent on surety agreement.

OC Gembo Penjor said that the crime branch and DeSuup patrolling team were  conducting patrolling round the clock through the zones to ensure people did not breach lockdown protocols.

It was learnt that the patrolling team also came across eight homeless people, who were handed over to relevant authorities and are staying in shelter at Rinchen Kuenphen Primary School.

During the first lockdown at least six people were detained for a night.

In the first lockdown, 102 crimes were reported in the first 16 days.

According to the OC, people were aware of lockdown protocols during the second lockdown. “We have terms and conditions for calling suspects to the police station. There is a designated vehicle to ferry the suspects to and from the police station.”

He said that both police personnel and suspect have to undergo Covid-19 test and only after testing negative, police would bring him to the police station. “The vehicle is disinfected once it enters police station.”

Gembo Penjor also explained about suspects who should be detained would be first detained in temporary detention and would spent seven days in isolation room before moving to the detention centre.  “He or she should test negative for Covid-19.”

He said there are 270 police personnel with Thimphu police station. “We do not entertain walk-in cases, as we have to ensure everyone is safe and are not infected with the virus.”