Starting June 14, Thimphu thromde has started a common social media platform for people to interact with the thromde and to report on illegal happenings in the city.

Using the platform, which includes social media apps such as facebook messenger, WhatsApp, telegram and WeChat, people can report to thromde on city related issues. For the convenience of the people, thromde is using the common social media ID – 77183030. People can also contact the thromde via e-mail at While the rest of the apps can be accessed through the ID number, residents can contact the thromde on facebook messenger on tt77183030.

Thimphu Thromde’s chief environment officer, Yeshi Wangdi, said that the thromde realising the inconvenience it would cause if the thromde used a single social media app, has taken the initiative to make the common platform using the most commonly used social media apps. “People at their convenience can use whichever app they have to report. As most people use smart phones, they would have access to one of the four apps.”

The first target for the common platform would be issues concerning waste and plantation in the city.

The thromde on June 16 also issued a notification, requesting residents of Thimphu to help contribute in making the city green and beautiful by refraining from stealing flowers and trees planted.

It states that if people come across such acts, they should report to the thromde through the common social media platform. “If anyone is caught stealing the plants, it will be considered theft of public property and will be dealt as per the law.”

Yeshi Wangdi said that inspectors being few in number are unable able to reach all the places in the thromde which is about 26.2 square kilometers. “Inspectors cannot cover all the areas and illegal things happen especially after office hours and weekends.”

He said that the reports from common platform would make deployment of inspectors easier. “When assigning the inspectors we would then have certain target of where to go and what to do which would help save resources as well.”

Thimphu thromde has six regular inspectors and four on contract.

Yeshi Wangdi said that currently the initiative is taken by the environment division but if something related to other departments are reported, the department would direct the issue to other departments concerned.

People can also report any issues, suggestions, advices or ideas related to the city. “There are many Bhutanese who have better ideas and advices to help make the city clean and green. It would give those who are concerned about the environment and the city a common platform to contribute,” Yeshi Wangdi said.

He said that the initiative would make thromde officials more accessible to the public. “If I am engaged in a meeting, I can hand over the monitoring to someone who is free,” he said. “Thromde will also get information on time and we will try our best to give our services on time.”

Karma Cheki