Thimphu thromde had allocated 440 stalls to shopkeepers along the Norzin Lam in preparation for the Thimphu Tshechu, which begins next week.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said Tshechu do not only mean mask dances. “It is also about entertainments and get-togethers to socialise and spend time with family and friends,” he said. “A person can go witness mask dances for few hours and then come back, shop and go Changlingmithang to have lunch. We need to promote that sort of city life.”

He said that the thromde is providing opportunity to shopkeepers to do business. “Even people can buy at a much cheaper price as these shopkeepers give discounts to clear their stock.” He said that it is also a good chance for the thromde to earn some revenue to meet their current expenditure.

For each stall along the Norzin Lam, the thromde charges Nu 1500 a day while the charge is Nu 1,000 at Changlingmithang.

He said that the thromde not only promotes Tshechu as a celebration but also for business opportunities. “However, we will not allow unethical things such as gambling and games involving darts and dices. We have order from the home ministry to prohibit such activities.”

He said that there would be about five inspectors from the thromde to monitor activities and places during the Tshechu.

Thrompon said that hawkers wouldn’t be allowed to sell in areas such as Langjophakha, Hejo and Bazam. Areas near the Tendrelthang would be allocated to hawkers for better management of waste.

Besides centralising a place for hawkers, the thromde would manage waste by deploying garbage trucks and road sweeping machine.

He said that the thromde would not entertain any shopkeeper or businessperson from outside Thimphu because of limited space.

Each of the stalls along the Norzin Lam, which will come up by September 29 afternoon will occupy about three meters space. The stalls would stretch from the junction of Jumolhari hotel until the handicraft emporium.

Traffic would remain closed from September 29 to October 2 along the Norzin Lam.

Rinchen Zangmo