With the Thimphu thromde providing waste segregation facilities to Greener Way on October 22, the waste collection site below Kelki School is expected to be clean.

The segregation facilities were provided after years of complain from the public on the foul smell.

Greener Way should now segregate waste before disposing it into different bins and transport to the landfill at Memeylakha.

The thromde provided five bins to segregate five kinds of waste into pet bottles, plastic, papers, metals and food waste. Other kinds of waste include glasses, sanitary napkins and disposable diapers.

The bins have signs for different waste.

A thromde driver, who also segregates the waste, Dorji Khado, said with different bins to segregate waste, it has become much easier for them. “Some people still put all waste together. We monitor and make them aware of where to dispose.”

He also said people complain about the need to segregate waste. “Many think it is the responsibility of thromde.”

A Thimphu resident, Ngawang Pem, who usually disposes her waste at the site, said it was convenient with the segregation bins. “But thromde or Greener Way should install water taps to wash their hands and dustbins.”

Another resident said people dispose all kinds of waste together after thromde changed the place to segregate waste. “The place started stinking.”

Meanwhile, Dorji Khando said about 60 people come to dump waste at the Greener Way site every day. “More than 100 people come to dispose waste on weekends.”

Thromde’s environment officer, Tshering Yangzom, said besides monitoring, thromde also makes people aware of the importance of segregating waste. “Thromde also created awareness on waste management to the people through a short video clip.”

She said that if people were aware of the Waste Prevention and Management Act 2009, there would not be issues on waste management in the country. “Thromde has started charging fines according to Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2012.”

She said Thimpu thromde has plans to provide waste segregation facilities in and around the town area and intend to educate students on waste management.

Neten Dorji