G2C: In what should ease obtaining Thimphu thromde services, at least 10 of its services will become available online, shortly.

The services deal with water supply, like acquiring a new connection, building construction, and sewage, among others.

While the services were already developed there were not operationalised.

“The thromde services were developed but never used owing to various reasons such as inadequate knowledge transfer after completion of the systems and movement of those trained personnel,” said G2C office’s Lungten Zangmo.

Around 60 Thimphu thromde employees were trained over the past week in Phuentsholing.


“After the training, at least 10 thromde services will be operationalised,” she added. “After proper training and setting up the required infrastructure, the services will be launched.”

If successful, the G2C office will then look to operationalise online services in other thromdes.

“The G2C office will discuss with the relevant officials of the other thromdes on the possibility of replicating the services in their respective thromdes,” she said.

On whether payment for the services can also be made online, Lungten Zangmo said that they are working on it. “Although most of the thromde services require payment, in absence of e-payment system, a feasible payment modality will be adopted to take the services online.”

However, the thromde services will be included on the Prime Minister’s eDesk only toward mid-year. The eDesk is an online monitoring that allows the Prime Minister to track how long agencies take to process and respond to applications for services.

The new turnaround times for the services are also yet to be determined. Lungten Zangma said that new proposed turnaround times, which will all be reductions, will be reviewed prior to operationalisation of the services.

By Gyalsten K Dorji


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