Chhimi Dema

It is a cosy room with a deep sink, blow dryers, scissors, a panel heater, combs and brush, and some tissues.

Located in Lower Motithang, Transfurmation, a pet grooming service is the first of its kind in Thimphu.

Chuki Gyaltshen from Thimphu, an animal lover and a bright personality, is a self-taught pet groomer.

She said that the pet grooming service started after grooming her dog for years.

“Four years ago, I started grooming services at home for my friend’s and family’s pets.  In December last year, I was given this space to start grooming service,” she said.

The grooming service is located inside the Karma Pharmacy.

Chuki provides services such as bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and trimming coats, among others.

She said that it takes about five hours to groom a pet after an hour is taken to make the pet feel comfortable with her.

“Once the pets are friendly, I start washing them,” she said.

Bites and scratches are hazards on the job.

Chuki recalls a few incidences of dogs biting her hands while brushing their teeth. “The job is physical. I have to stand for hours.”

Despite the job’s challenge, she isn’t discouraged.

Chuki said: “I love my work. I get to bond with animals and show my love to them with my service.”

It cost Nu 1,500 to Nu 3,000 for grooming a pet depending on the breed, size, and physical condition of the pet.

On average, in a month, Chuki grooms 14 dogs. The number of grooming sessions depends. In summer, she gets more pets to groom.

Chuki said that pet grooming is a sustainable business.

Her earnings start from Nu 5,000 to Nu 10,000 in a month. “The business is now picking up.”