During the third hearing of the Damphu Central School cook’s case against the principal conducted yesterday, the cook’s brother alleged that the principal did not handover the cook properly.

Cook Harka Bahadur went to Bangkok for an agriculture study tour with two other supporting staff and six teachers in January this year. He went missing for nine days.

The cook’s brother, Bal Bahadur, who is fighting the case against the principal, also alleged that the school tried to ignore the family’s plea to receive him at the airport. “The principal asked my brother to switch off his mobile phone the moment he arrived in the country.”

He also alleged that the school issued a letter stating that Harka Bahadur was in normal condition when he was sick. “We did not accept that.”

Rebutting against the principal’s accusation that Harka Bahadur came home with Thai Baht when he did not own money, Bal Bahadur claimed that someone might have put the money in his brother’s pocked when he went unconscious.

Bal Bahadur also accused the principal of harassing his brother and a family member by making them wait in his office for four hours when he was called to join work. “The principal neither talked to Harka Bahadur nor did he turn up after leaving the office.”

He also accused that the school did not bother to find out how Harka Bahadur was when he was undergoing medical treatment in Damphu hospital and Thimphu.

The next hearing is scheduled on August 2.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang