Another day went by

Crouching by the window

A mug of steamy coffee in one hand

Admiring the beauty of the structures

Rigid, mighty and soulless they rise

Astonished at the intelligence of mankind

Mere stone is turned into a precious gem

Trees to tables, chairs, and you name it

How beautifully have we moulded them

For pleasure and comfort of our senses!

Doorbell has replaced my alarm clock

But wait, where is everyone?

A sweet voice shouts “Breakfast!”

Same man brings the meals to my quarters

I feel like a pampered princess

I can hear the birds twitter and chirp

Vast blue skies roll out from my window

So much gets done even without

A word, movement or a sound

To feel safe and cared for is sweet

I am home again at long last

And look at the reality differently

My small worries measure up to nothing

How can I ever thank my country?

Some lessons we learn the hard way

Bhutan, Bhutan, oh my love, Bhutan

But it is love and care that wins

How fortunate I feel to be born here

Together we can assail all adversaries

Another day, another strong resolve.


Tandin Zam