Members of the National Assembly yesterday offered a thousand butter lamp and, prayers at the Kuenrey of Tashichhodzong for the two late former Members of the Parliament (MP).

Former Dophuchen- Tading MP Prahlad Gurung passed on February 27. He was 68 while the former Gelephu MP Prem Kumar Gurung, 57, expired on April 4.

Prem Kumar Gurung has three children, while Prahlad Gurung has four.

Family members said they were ill for over six months.                                                                   

A press release from the National Assembly stated that they had both personified everything that is good about political affairs during their tenure as MPs.

“As we pay our tribute, we hope it will be a consolation to the bereaved families to know that both the late former MPs were respectable individuals,” the press release stated.

Speaker Jigme Zangpo also handed over a Royal thukso of Nu 50,000 each, granted by His Majesty the King, to the family members.

Nirmala Pokhrel