Religion: The business community of Lhuentse is busy readying for the upcoming Rinchen Terdzö Wang Lung at Takila.

The six-month long wang that begins February 9 is expected to draw thousands of devotees from across the country.

Construction of more than 30 temporary rooms have been completed that will accommodate more than 300 people. About a 100 more rooms are expected to be completed soon.

The rooms are connected with electricity. At least three rooms will have to share a toilet. Some rooms have attached toilet.

“People have already started coming to ask whether we have rooms available and the number is increasing by the day,” said Jamtsho, a businessman. “We need to hurry up.”

Kuenzang Tobgay, a member of the Druk Odiyana Committee, said that the committee has provided land to four businessmen on which to construct temporary sheds for the devotees.

At least Nu 0.9 million has been spent on building the sheds. Owners will decide on rent after the completion of construction of all the sheds with required facilities.

This is the first Rinchen Terdzö Wang Lung organized at the site of the recently consecrated statue of Guru Nangsey Zilnon.

The Druk Odiyana Foundation (DOF) is organizing the Wang Lung upon the directives from Khenpo Karpo, who spearheaded the construction of the great Guru statue.

Tashi Phuntsho, Lhuentse