Literary: Chador Wangmo, Dasho Lingi Jamtsho and Rinzin Rinzin launched a book each at the Le Meridien hotel in Paro on August 21.

Chador Wangmo introduced her book Kyetse – a story of a 30-year-old character called Sonam Dema. Set in Trashigang, the book describes the choices Sonam Dema has to make within the norms of society.

Chador Wangmo read an excerpt from her book, which defines Kyetse as an entire history and science that concerns the newborn. It also covers a section of the newborn’s past and future lives and is an astrological calculation dictated by time, date and the day of the birth.

“I’ve used a lot of Sharchopkha (eastern language) connotations in the story. It’s a book reflecting how times and perspective of life have changed in the country over the years. It is a book to reminiscence and ponder upon, something to go back to and smile,” said Chador Wangmo.

This is Chador Wangmo’s 10th book. She has written nine children’s books, including two in the national language. Her first novel in English ‘La Ama’ was launched last year.

Dasho Lingi Jamtsho, a soldier by profession, released a book titled Gyalo. “Through this tale of a soldier, I hope to show readers the human psyche of a soldier, the hardships they face coupled with dark humour and the sacrifices they have to make in line of their duty,” Dasho Lingi Jamtsho said.

Dasho Lingi Jamtsho’s first book, The Night Hunters, was published in 2012.

Rinzin Rinzin’s Depa Dondeypa and his relatives is an account of Bhutan at a time when it was untouched by modernity. It is a story about a man called Depa Dondeypa who lives a humble life.

“It is the story based on a local Kurtoep legend that gave birth to the metaphor ‘Depa Dondeypa’s relatives’ – referring to fair-weather relatives,” Rinzin Rinzin said. “The book will take you through a legend, a myth, which traces the ancient trade route. The book reflects the rural Bhutanese life, traditions and customs.”

Thinley Zangmo