Thimphu police has detained three suspects for their involvement in the battering incident, which took place near the Centenary Farmer’s market on February 20 night.

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The 28-year old victim is from Dagana. He works as a parking fee collector in Thimphu. The main suspect, 24 years old man, is also from Dagana and works at a meat shop in Thimphu.

Police officials said that the victim and his friends were reportedly out for dinner that night while the suspect and his friends were playing carom at the restaurant near the Centenary Farmer’s market. Although the two groups of men didn’t know each other, an argument broke out at the restaurant following an issue with the payment of bills.

The fight continued on the streets after the restaurant owner asked them to leave.

A police official said that the victim sustained injuries on the frontal scalp of his head. He was discharged yesterday afternoon from the hospital and is reportedly still recovering.

Police received the information of the fight through a call at 10:35pm.

The victim was taken to the hospital when the police arrived at the scene at 10:40pm. Although the men had dispersed, police caught the suspect caught on camera from the area. Two more suspects were also detained later.

A police official said that the suspect also sustained minor injury on the forehead and alleged that the victim had pushed him during the fight.

Official also said that the license of the restaurant owner was seized for serving alcohol on a Tuesday. An appropriate action against the shopkeeper is yet to be decided.

Phurpa Lhamo