LG: Of the five gups in Trongsa, only two have decided to re-contest in the second Local Government (LG) elections this year. Nubi Gup Tashi Pendhen and Langthel Gup Sonam Dhendup will be contesting again, while Drakteng Gup Gayley Chophel is still undecided.

Korphu Gup Tsheltrim Dorji, 32, who has decided not to contest again in the upcoming LG elections, said that he is resigning and will be a farmer.

He said that there are many interested and capable people. “I will vote for the best candidate.”

Tsheltrim Dorji said that the roles and responsibilities of a gup are challenging. “I feel satisfied, though, because I was able to serve the people well.

Tashi Penden, 53, who is also the chairman of dzongkhag tshogdu, said he wants to contest again to serve the country and the people. Some 75 percent of the people in his gewog have also expressed their support for him.

Tashi Pendhen said that it was combination of people’s encouragement and his own interest. “I have been gup for two terms and I hope people are happy with how I served them.”

Drakteng Gup Gayley Chophel, 40, said he is yet to decide whether he should contest again. “I served the gewog for 18 years and I feel it is time I should give others the chance.”

Tangsibi Gup Jigme Namgyel said he has a health problem and will not contest in the upcoming election. Jigme Namgyel has been gedrung for 13 years and gup for five years.

Langthel Gup Sonam Dhendup, who has been gup for about four months, said he will be re-contesting.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang