Launch: A grand Tendrel Initiative has been planned to celebrate the birth of the Prince, Heir Apparent to the Golden Throne, 400th anniversary of Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan, and the birth year of Guru Rinpochoe in February next year.

His Royal Highness Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck launched the projects – publicity and awareness of Tendrel, production of Tendrel album, and planting of 108,000 sokshing (tree of life) nationwide in Thimphu yesterday.

President of the Tendrel Initiative Board, Former Chief Justice Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye, said that 2016 will witness the meeting of three greatest historical events in recent memory.

Tendrel means ‘auspiciousness’ or ‘good fortune’. It is an abbreviated form of Tashi Tendrel, meaning ‘auspicious coincidence’, which implies that for an auspicious coincidence to materialize, everything ought to be right and appropriate.

Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye said that nothing could be more appropriate and auspicious than  that the prince will be born in the same year Guru Rinpoche was born and the 400th anniversary of Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan.

“It is awe-inspiring that such powerful events should herald the Royal Birth,” he said. “It means that, once again, Bhutan will be blessed with another King of destiny and usher in unprecedented peace, progress and supreme political leadership in the country.”

Research head of Institute of Management Studies (IMS), (Dr) Tandin Dorji, said that the Prince’s birth symbolizes the continuity of Wangchuck Dynasty and the 6th in the line of succession to the Golden Throne. It also symbolizes good tendrel that the nation shall continue to tread along the path of peace, progress and stability.

He said that year 2016 is the birth year of Guru Rinpoche that comes only once in the Buddhist Rabjung cycle of 60 years. The year marking the 400th anniversary of Zhabdrung’s arrival in Bhutan is a tendrel of the highest significance, he added.

In the initiative one, he said awareness will be created among Bhutanese about the symbolism and significance of the three historical event of the Male Fire Monkey Year. People will be brought together under a common theme through the Tendrel Initiatives.  Awareness will be created through theme video, song, symbol, website and social media.

The second initiative of brining out a tendrel album will contain wishes and prayers for the Prince from the people from all walks of life with their names and photographs. The 500-page album will be done in silk brocade inlaid with gold, silver and other precious substances embellished with hologram and vinyl effects.

Funds from the album will fund the third initiative of planting 108,000 sokshing, tree of life, (Dr) Tandin Dorji said.

The plantation, one tree per household, will take place at a designated time and place nationwide within 10 days of the birth of the Prince. The planting of tress will proceed with a 10-minute thugmoen led by HH Je Khenpo and Lam Netens.

IMS, representing the private sector, is spearheading the non-profit Tendrel Initiative project. The project has eight members in its advisory board.

Nirmala Pokhrel