Archery: How good Bhutan is at archery, played on compound bow, will be seen in May, when a national team takes part in the international compound bow archery competition in Shanghai, China.

The three-member national team – Dedrim Karma Sherab of the Royal Bhutan Army, 2010 highest karey hitter (18 in 15 rounds) in the Yangphel archery tournament, Tshewang Dorji, and a re-curve archer for 12 years, Tashi Peljor, will compete in the tournament.

The team was selected after a seminar and an international style competition was held in 2013.  Bhutan archery federation, in association with Yangphel archery and Easton sports development fund, conducted the competition. “The top three archers were selected for the tournament in China,” BAF’s secretary general Tsewang Rinchen said.

The tournament in China will be slightly different from the archery tournaments held in the country.  Targets will be set 50m apart.  In Bhutan targets are set 140m apart.  Archers will also have to use triggers, the small equipment to release the arrow, which is not practised in Bhutanese archery played on compound bow.

The three archers were sent to Bangkok for about two weeks training last month.  They were trained at the world archery centre in Bangkok.  Yangphel and ESDF have sponsored the seminar and purchased 30 triggers for BAF.

Tsewang Rinchen said, despite some Bhutanese archers having the best talent in the world, they were handicapped to participate in international tournaments since they never used accessories like triggers and scopes.

Dedrim Karma Sherab, who had been playing archery since 2004, said they are now getting used to the triggers. “Actually we can play better with the triggers,” he said.

Meanwhile, to let archers get used to the trigger and compete in international tournaments, BAF will allow triggers for the upcoming Yangphel archery tournament.

By Nima Wangdi


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