Three men kidnapped

A class 10 student of Gelephug High School, a driver and a caretaker was kidnapped from Bhur, Gelephu last night around 8:30pm.

However, the caretaker was released by the kidnappers as he was mute.

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    It’s yet another case of kidnapping for the police force to deal with and there are chances that police forces on both sides of the border will get involved in the investigation. For us as readers of a news post like this, the memory will be as short lived as the length of the post itself. It mentions a mute caretaker being released later on and we can probably assume that he is not in a position to give a written statement to aid the investigation process. But is that all we are reading in these kidnapping cases?

    In the recent past, while discussing many of these kidnapping cases, people as well as media has raised concerns about the absence of a proper physical barrier like a border fence. Some have raised the issue of inadequate patrolling of the border areas for safety of the people on both sides. And there are also those who are not satisfied enough with the economic developments of these crime sensitive areas as we usually understand that absence of economic activities, prospects of financial growths and enough employable opportunities has its strong correlation with a criminal psychology. Or is it always so?

    Only sometime back there was this story of a Bhutanese woman reuniting with her parents after long years of separation. All those years of her being gone missing, parents thought that she had been kidnapped. But she returned home as a happily married woman and a mother of two. And still, that was just an one-off story. In many other genuine kidnapping cases, people were not released even after ransom paid. So while considering a criminal psychology behind crimes like kidnapping for ransom or even robbery and murder for money; are we genuinely dealing with a correlation between undeveloped economy and crime? Or is it a bigger issue where we as friends and protectors of mankind have failed to impart our societies with some human values! Beggars can’t be choosers may not always sound appropriate; but hunger doesn’t turn everyone into a criminal when our human values are genuine. Whenever we read about such kidnapping cases or any crimes; a society definitely defeats certain human values. And then, it all gets down to policing the criminals to control crimes and crime rates.

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