LG: Three new candidates have declared their candidature for the upcoming Gelephu Thrompon election.

Tikaram Kafley, 41 from Jampeling constituency won 28 “yes” votes from a total of “38” votes cast at the zomdu held on 27 December. The constituency has a total of 240 eligible voters.

Tikaram Kafley has been working in the thromde as an executive engineer for last 15 years in Sarpang and Gelephu. He resigned in September this year.

Tikaram Kafley

Tikaram Kafley

He said that he planned to contest for the post of the thrompon as far back as two years and that it was known to the people of the Gelephu.

“I decided to contest having complete allegiance and dedication to the welfare, conveniences and comfort to the people of Gelephu thromde,” he said.

Tikaram added that he will focus on making the thromde a special economic zone, bringing need based development to all the constituencies, rendering cost effective and sustainable services with quality roads, streets and water supply, solving pending issues and getting the community involved in matters of local government.

Tshering Norbu

Tshering Norbu

Tshering Norbu, 34, is the Trashiling constituency candidate. He is a computer science graduate from Sherubtse college.

Tshering Norbu won 10 “yes” votes from a total of “11” votes cast. The constituency had a total of 73 eligible voters.

Tshering Norbu said that Gelephu with its location, landscape, and diverse society has a great capacity to become a model as a vibrant town.

“I have seen Gelephu moving towards development but I personally feel that it deserves bit better in many ways,” he said.

He added that Gelephu town is already defined as a class A town, yet, there are some places where basic necessities like water and roads are not available. He said development has to be at par with the other constituencies.

Harka B Gurung

Harka B Gurung

Harka Bahadur Gurung won 38 votes out of 50 cast from Samdrupling constituency. Out of 211 eligible voters only 50 turned out for the zomdu.

“May be people of the constituency were not aware of the zomdu since the eligible voter turn out was very less and I feel it is a miscommunication,” he said.

The former director of National Library and Archives, Harka B Gurung from Gelephu will contest for the post of Gelephu thrompon.

Harka B Gurung has an honours degree from DAV college of Punjab University and underwent postgraduate diploma in development administration from Birmingham University in England. He also has a management development programme from the Asian Institute of Management from the Philippines.

He worked with the home ministry as a trainee officer, deputy director, and deputy secretary and as a dungpa and dzongrab.

He regards himself fortunate for having been posted to Gelephu twice in similar civil administrator position as ramjam gom and dungpa.

“I honestly feel I received a lot from Gelephu in terms learning experience, love and affection of the people and I am obliged to give back my best using my rich experience when I have become a senior citizen,” he said.

Gelephu thromde has total of six constituencies with 1,121 eligible voters.

The former thrompon Namgay is not contesting for the upcoming thrompon election that is scheduled to be conducted on January 25.

Yeshey Dema, Gelephu


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