Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Nganglam Middle Secondary School in Pemagatshel closed after three staff tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. A teacher, his wife and a laboratory assistant tested positive during the mass testing on January 31.

The school will reopen based on health advice and the task force’s instructions.

This is the first Covid-19 positive case reported in the school in Nganglam.

The school has been functioning in self-containment mode since January 22.

According to sources, about 12 primary contacts inside the school have been kept in home quarantine while students are also quarantined in their respective rooms under the strict supervision of the principal.

There are 44 Class X students in the school.

Sources said that no one in the school has direct contact with anyone outside, and the school also has a room where the vegetable suppliers unload and keep cargo for about six hours.

They said the students are safe so far because the teacher and laboratory assistant, who tested positive, do not teach Class X students. “But we are shocked and do not know how they tested positive as they are self-contained.”

Meanwhile, 37 new Covid-19 positive cases were reported in Nganglam during the mass testing yesterday, out of which 33 were from the community and four were contacts.

The medical teams are carrying out contact tracing and mass testing to ensure there is no residual virus in the community.

About 72 Covid-19 positive cases have been reported in Nganglam since January 20.

Meanwhile, 42 Covid-19 positive cases were detected in Samdrupjongkhar yesterday, out of which 14 were from the community, 24 were contacts from Samdrupjongkhar, Orong and Samdrupcholing, and four were imported cases.