Of the three people Lhuentse dzongkhag court convicted on September 24 for illegal possession of tobacco products and for aiding and abetting, one, Sonam Yuden has appealed to the High Court.

Sonam Yuden, 42, was sentenced to five months and 15 days for aiding and abetting Kuenzangla, 48, to bring in 5,920gms of chewing tobacco worth Nu 75,000 and 12,000 sticks of Wills cigarette on July 4.

The court sentenced Kuenzangla from Wambur in Tshenkhar gewog to 11 months in prison but he can pay Nu 41,250 as thrimthue. Kuenzangla was ordered to pay Nu 374,980 as fine for illegal possession of the tobacco products.

The court also sentenced Kuenzang Lhamo, 64, to two months in prison for bringing in 1,080gms of chewing tobacco and 800 sticks of bedi and 570 sticks of Wills cigarette.

She can pay Nu 7,500 in lieu of prison term and a fine of Nu 160,000 for illegal possession of tobacco products.

Kunzangla and the two women had travelled to Daranga town in Assam, India and were returning in his Bolero when police intercepted them in Autsho, Lhuentse, with the tobacco products.

The verdict states that Sonam Yuden and Kuenzang Lhamo got off the vehicle at Ganggula and took a lift in another vehicle until Rotpashong to check if there were police patrolling the highway. “Since they did not find any police, they got off in Rotpashong and waited for Kuenzangla.”

It is stated that the trio were caught with the tobacco products in Autsho.

Sonam Yuden submitted to the court that she wanted to appeal to the High court, as she was not satisfied with the verdict.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar