LG: Four candidates who had completed filing their nomination papers with the returning officers in Tsirang have been disqualified from contesting in the local government (LG) elections.

During the scrutiny of nomination papers on September 1, returning officers found that all four of them were underage. One of them had not produced a citizenship identity card of the spouse as well.

While one of the disqualified candidates had registered to contest for the post of mangmi, three were nominated for the post of tshogpa. Two of them are women.

Pema Lhadon who had filed her nomination from Norbuthang chiwog, Pungtenchhu gewog as a tshogpa candidate did not meet the age requirement by a month. She was born on September 6, 1991.

According to the notification issued by the Election Commission of Bhutan calling for the second LG elections, the purpose of ascertaining the age eligibility of candidate, which as per the electoral laws must be a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 65 years. A candidate for this election must be born on or before August 31, 1991 but not before August 31, 1951.

Sonam Rinchen of Riserboo chiwog in Mendrelgang was also disqualified for being under age. He is short by four months to meet the required age limit. He was born in December 1991. Sonam had filed his nomination to contest as a tshogpa candidate.

Another tshogpa candidate, Pitam Bahadur Puwar Monger from Dekidling chiwog, Kilkorthang gewog was also disqualified for not fulfilling the minimum age criteria as required by the electors laws. Pitam being born on October 23, 1992, and did not meet the minimum age requirement by 14 months.

The fourth candidate disqualified during the scrutiny of nomination papers is Lal Maya Tamang contesting for the post of mangmi in Gosarling gewog. She was disqualified for two reasons: for not fulfilling the minimum age criteria and for not producing a copy of her spouse’s citizenship identity card.

Lal Maya was born on December 29, 1991, which makes her underage for the LG election by four months.

With the completion of scrutiny of nomination papers, 90 tshopga candidates, 32 mangmi candidates and 38 gup candidates will begin campaigning from today. Poll day is scheduled for September 27.

Tsirang has more than 21,700 registered voters.

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang