Rinchen Drolma gets up from her loom and walks over to a trash can outside her house. She reaches into it and pulls out two shirts.

The shirts are torn.

She says that dogs attacked and bit her three-year-old grandson last week. “There are too many dogs in Panbang town and it is not safe,” she adds.

Rinchen Drolma was herself bitten by dogs three years ago.

Eyewitnesses said that five dogs had attacked and mauled the boy, who suffered bites on his arms and back. He is currently being treated at the local hospital.

Tshering Zangmo, 62, said dogs from nearby areas congregate in Panbang town. They roam in packs, some as large as 20 dogs.

The boy’s mother, Dorji Tsheden, 22, said she was helping one of her neighbours when the attack occurred. Onlookers had rushed to the boy’s help. She said her son was bleeding profusely and was immediately taken to the hospital.

“These dogs don’t let us sleep peacefully at night as they roam around in packs barking,” she said.

Some said a female dog first attacked the boy after he approached her puppies. Other dogs then joined the female dog in attacking the boy.

People said dogs are sterilised every year but the population keeps on increasing.

Nima Wangdi | Panbang