Waste: Thimphu thromde slapped a fine of Nu 9,000 on a man for dumping a truckload of construction waste near the open-air gym in Sangaygang in Thimphu on December 20.

According to the Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2012, any person or  organisation is prohibited from disposing waste in manners other than required by the regulation.

The offender was also asked to remove the dumped waste from the area immediately.

A concerned citizen informed the thromde with pictures of the truck dumping the waste on the same day, according to thromde officials.

Thromde’s executive secretary, Passang Dorji, said that the thromde is in the process of installing CCTVs in critical areas in the city to monitor illegal dumping of waste.

“If caught, the offender(s) will be dealt with seriously and fined according to the regulation,” Passang Dorji said.

Thimphu thromde’s deputy executive engineer, Yeshi Wangdi said that the fine amount would vary according to the severity of the offense.

The fine amount ranges between Nu 100 to Nu 20,000.

A scrap dealer in Pamtsho in Thimphu will also be fined for littering his neighborhood. A resident reported him to the authority.

“We have traced the offender and asked him to report to the thromde office tomorrow,” Yeshi Wangdi said.

Some 25 individuals were fined for illegal dumping of waste into the environment and littering public places, among others, since the nationwide cleaning campaign on December 9 till date.

“We have been making announcements and notifying the public to prohibit illegal dumping or releasing of waste into the environment since 2012,” Yeshi Wangdi said.

Normally, people approach the thromde when they are unsure of where to dump their waste, especially construction waste. The thromde then directs them to the identified site to dump their waste. However, Yeshi Wangdi said that it seems that the offender was not aware of that.

People selling oranges in their vehicles at the Centenary Farmer’s Market in Thimphu were also slapped a fine of Nu 1,000 each.

Yeshi Wangdi said that people are not allowed to sell their produce in any other places other than the designated areas. “The parking spaces are for the vehicles, not for people to sell their produce.”

The sale of goods or services on the streets and pedestrian walkways without approval is an offense, according to the Act.

The thromde inspectors will be monitoring around the city to enforce the regulation and also to control and prohibit any actives related to waste which poses health and environmental hazards.

Passang Dorji said that anyone could help in keeping the city clean by informing the authority concerned about any illegal dumping of waste and related matters with picture evidence that would make it easier for the authority to trace the offenders.

“The identity of the informers will be protected,” he added.

Dechen Tshomo