Park: Even though the slides were of concrete and only about a meter long, we had to rush for our turn as it was the only playground available in the town.

The hint of a smile lingered on Passang’s face as she recalled of her childhood in the park near the Clock Tower Square in the capital.

Passang, a 30-year-old civil servant, said that the playground is a special place. She would spend hours after school there playing with her friends. “There used to be an old swing. It was worn out but we still used to get on it for a go,” she said. Passang still remembers picnic times there as a member of the Voluntary Artists’ Studio in Thimphu (VAST). “Such a small useful place it used to be.”

This place is now getting a facelift. There will necessary makeover. Hotel Thimphu Tower will help develop the area into a children’s park. The hotel’s owner, Kinga Tshering, said that it would be nice to have an area green and friendly area there.

Development of children’s park will start soon, Yeshi Wangdi, thromde’s deputy executive engineer, said. “Desides from slides and swings, we will grow grass and plant hedges around the area.”

“The park will provide a space for our children to play, otherwise our children are always in front of the television, locked in the house,” Penjor, a local resident, said.

Dechen Tshomo