… thromde to prioritise places with acute water shortage

Yangyel Lhaden 

Thimphu Thromde is conducting a geographic information study (GIS) to develop the Thimphu Drinking Water Master Plan. 

The plan is expected to help improve water distribution, tapping sources and interconnectivity of sources in line with future changes in demand for water according to new settlements and population density.

Thromde’s Assistant Engineer Pema Thekcho said that thromde wanted to supply enough water for residents so that they do not have to rely on community water lines. “The study might take more than two years to review and revamp the existing water networks.”

He said to address water problems in areas such as upper Changzamtog, Kawajangsa, and Olakha, the thromde conducted a GIS study last year. “During this fiscal year, we are aiming to improve water supply.”

Residents of Changzamtog in Thimphu face acute water shortage with supply limited to few hours a day. Pema Thekcho said the existing water network was inadequate. “In the new design for the water network revamp, we considered pressure, flow and balancing of the water distribution network.” 

Two designated reservoirs for Kawajangsa and Olakha will also be constructed. 

Pema Thekcho said that Olakha had a water shortage because their water tank is far and water pipes were inconsistent with the gradient. 

He said that water would be evenly distributed to Olakha residents with a designated water tank. 

For residents of Kawajangsa, two water sources- Dodeyna and Motithang will be interconnected and fed into their dedicated reservoir tank. Pema Thekcho said that Kawajangsa residents faced water shortages when the Motithang source dried up.  

Construction work would be tendered out to contractors by October and thromde was aiming to complete these projects within a year.  

Through the Water Flagship Programme, thromde is also going to tap a new source at Chamgang which is 3.5 kilometres away from the present source.

The water source in Chamgang  supplies water to Changbangdu, Lungtenphu, Olakha, and Babesa. 

Thimphu Thromde is also constructing a two MLD ( million litres per day) water treatment plant at the Royal Thimphu College ( RTC)  which is expected to be completed by December. 

Pema Thekcho said Chamgang and RTC water sources would be interconnected and surplus water from the RTC water source would be supplied to Changzamtog. “With new sources and after revamping the water distribution system residents can expect better water supply.”

He said thromde GIS team was also studying Motithang and core areas to improve water supply. “Areas with water shortage will be prioritised.”

Edited by Tshering Palden