Chhimi Dema

More than three months after Thimphu thromde issued an eviction notice asking landowners and business operators in the junkyard beside Olarongchu to demolish temporary structures built in the area, there is no sign that any action has been taken.

The place was initially identified as a site for an interstate bus terminal, but has become a junkyard of old cars.

According to the eviction notice issued on July 16, the temporary structures should be demolished within three months from the date of notice issue.

However, thromde officials said a few occupants requested a time extension, and the thromde is looking into the grievances.

Officials also said that negotiations were underway with a landowner who has not accepted the land compensation.

Meanwhile, many residing in the area do not know what is next for them. Some were not aware of the eviction notice when asked.

Some residents in the area were unaware of the eviction notice

“We did not get any notice,” Mongar Singh Limbu said. He owns a scrap shop. “If the thromde wants us to move out, we will. We are grateful for the thromde letting us stay here for the past nine years.”

There are five scrap dealers in the area.

Pema Wangmo, 39, has lived in the area for the past 13 years with her three children and husband. Her husband drives a taxi on lease. She pays a rent of Nu 4,500.

“We live here because we cannot afford to live in other areas.  If we have to move out, I don’t know where I will take my family,” she said.

The scrap dealers said that identifying a new place to handle scrap would allow them to continue their business.

The owner of the lubricant shop near the gas station, Jigme Jamtsho, said that he received the notice, but has not decided on where to go next. “I haven’t even stocked the shop,” he said. “It is expensive to find a shop space in the workshop area. I don’t know what to do.”

He said that he had not heard about the extension of the deadline.