LG: Sonam Choiten, 30, from Kedheykhar in Mongar has declared his candidacy to contest for the post of Mongar thrompon.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from RVS college of Art and Science in Tamil Nadu, India, in 2011. Since graduating, he has worked with the business processes outsourcing company Infosys, US-based CISCO systems, Accenture pvt ltd, and Npower, a UK based utilities company.

Sonam Choiten decided to contest for the post of thrompon following encouragement from relatives and friends, but also because he is interested in promoting democracy and serving the nation. “I am least bothered about winning or losing but people should know how to choose the right candidate,” he said. “Winning and losing is a tendency of the game but what makes the difference is participating.”

While a few have also discouraged him from contesting, he said he will not give up.

As Mongar is one of the fastest growing towns in the east, he said, it has to be properly developed.

His priorities, if elected, will be ensuring reliable water supply as this is one of the major issues faced by the people of Mongar town currently.

Waste and sewage management will be another priority, he said, because failure to manage it will affect the environment.

He added that with an increase in the number of motor vehicles, the town has become congested and parking issues have emerged.

Above all, his highest priority is to bring every thromde service online so that citizens do not have to visit the thromde office. To address these issues, there will be need for proper planning, he said.

“I will always ensure and promise to make Mongar thromde a safe place,” said Sonam Choiten.

While there are a few more graduates with job experience interested in contesting for the post of thrompon, they are yet to throw their hats in the ring.

Some fresh graduates are also being encouraged by their parents and relatives to contest but are reluctant to contest.

There are 288 eligible voters in Mongar thromde. Gyelpoishing and Kedheykhar are under the thromde.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar