Nim Dorji

A tiger has killed four cattle in the past five days in the Semji village in Trongsa.

Yesterday a heifer was killed by the tiger near the village and the day before the incident another ox was killed above the village.

With no compensation from the relevant authorities, farmers struggle to sell the meat as this month is an auspicious month and the sale of the meat products are restricted.

Chimmi Dhendup said that his pregnant cow was killed near the village.

He said that he informed the relevant authority. “But as usual, we don’t get any help or compensation.”

Despite not getting compensation, the big cat has eaten both the legs and this month we cannot sell the meat. “I couldn’t sell the meat of the ox that was killed by the tiger,” he added.

Another villager claimed that he lost an ox to the tiger a day ago. He said that the tiger has killed his ox just above the village. As they don’t get help and compensation, he did not inform the incident.

Others also said that some don’t report the incidents because it is waste of time and hassle.

Villagers fear that the animal is roaming near the village and are concerned that it would continue harming the animals.

To form a gewog tiger conservation group, the gewog administration is conducting consultation meetings with the villagers in the chiwogs.

In Nubi the consultation meeting has been completed in three chiwogs. The gewog will send the recommendation to Bhutan Tiger Centre after the consultation meeting completes in all the five chiwogs.

Once the consultation meeting with the chiwogs, farmers are hoping that their issues would be addressed.