Staff Reporter  

A Tiger killed an ox, injured two more and a horse on February 6 in Jongthang in Trongsa.

Since January, around seven cattle were reported to be killed by the big cat.

According to Gagar-Karshong tshogpa, Kezang Jurme said that some cattle escaped with injury while others were never found.

The tshogpa reports to the concerned authorities whenever farmers inform him of such attacks. He said that there were many unreported cases.

However, farmers say nothing was done after reports were filed. A source said that he didn’t report about the incident as they don’t get any compensation.

Some villagers shared that they heard a compensation scheme will come during the 10th International Tiger Day celebration at Bjeezam last year. Some farmers were even given semso but nothing happened after that.

Locals suspect of two big cats in the area as they found two different paw prints.