KP Sharma

Water Male Tiger Year: Education – The Male Water Tiger year was a difficult year for those in the education sector.

Halfway through the year, mass brawls among the school-going children made the headlines in newspapers and media across the country. The disciplinary issues among the students became severe and police had to step in.

The board examination left a bad taste as some answer scripts of class XII students of Wamrong CS were stolen. As a result, 41 students had to re-appear for the examination with only limited time for preparation and seven of them failed. The police are still investigating the case.

The start of the first-ever board examination for class VIII students recorded the lowest pass percentage of 56.38.

The ministry also recorded the highest number of teachers leaving the job. The ministry saw 868 teachers resign from their profession to explore better opportunities. The critical sector was left with a shortage of human resources. However, the ministry notified that it would not renew the contract of national contract teachers and regular contract teachers.

The issue of the high attrition rate sparked a debate and discussion among various stakeholders as limited teachers in schools would have a negative impact on the quality of education. The prime minister informed the nation that the education ministry and the government are in talks with RCSC to see the possibilities of regularising the contract teachers.

As part of reforms in education, some minor subjects like media studies, Agriculture for Food Security (Agfs), and environmental science were discontinued. Economics was made mandatory for all students from class IX to XII.

The tertiary education institution in the country also witnessed the loss of experienced faculty. This trend had pressurised institutions to hire fresh graduates.

At the same time, colleges also experienced an increasing number of students dropping out and moving abroad. The enrolment in schools and institutes decreased by 3.4 percent in 2022.