A-36-year-old man died on impact when a tripper truck hit him in Dewathang, Samdrupjongkhar around 7:45pm on April 18.

Samdrupjongkhar police officials said that a back tyre hit the deceased when the truck was reversing. The deceased is thought to be drunk.

Officials said that the tipper driver was alerted by his friend who was driving behind him. The tipper driver and his friend took the deceased to Dewathang hospital where he was declared dead.

According to a source, tipper driver had parked the truck at Dewathang to buy rice and was not aware of the deceased sleeping near his truck.

“We didn’t seize the truck because the truck had already moved from the scene,” police officials said.

The case is under investigation.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Pemagatshel