To boost local construction firms

Construction companies employing only Bhutanese to get works without tenders

SDP: Contractors willing to employ Bhutanese workers only will get construction works without having to go through the work tendering process.

The Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay announced this during the 14th meet the press session yesterday.

“Let us know if there are any private sector contractors who can build bridges and buildings from start to end using only local workers and engineers,” he said. “The government will give contract works without floating tenders.”

Assuring that the government is serious about the decision, Lyonchhoen said that construction of three bridges in Thimphu, a 30- m bridge at Decehncholing, 50- m and 20- m bridge over Wangchhu river in Hejo, was awarded to Construction Development Board Limited (CDCL). The project is worth Nu 123.6M.

The projects will be carried out under Small Development Project (SDP) initiative, which the Government of India (GoI) in November approved among other 257 new projects.  So far, GoI has approved projects worth Nu 4.96B.

Contracts for the expansion of 24 central schools in the coming year will also be awarded without floating tenders.

In total 49 central schools need expansion.

By Nirmala Pokhrel


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  1. logical
    logical says:

    This much awaited stance and move of the government would reap great benefit already if decision was implemented two decades earlier. The nation would save BILLIONS of INR and would retain and spread KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCES among nationals on various fields of infrastructural developments. Moral responsibilities would be passed to the concerned parties in case of any shortcoming.

    Anyways, action on this moves a step further displaying PATRIOTIC and NATIONALISTIC character of the government unlike the decades past that depended on the EXPATRIATES from policy matters on high level to menial technical works on the field. But the government have the notorious manner of accusing hard working people as LABOURERS that OVER STAYED WORK PERMIT when felt threatened by knowledge of failing responsibility towards the people. Hope the hard working people that will volunteer will not suffer EXPUSION after suffering EXPLOITATION.

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