You may have wealth galore, and power too, but making life decisions of your own is important. You may think you are the most radiant light this hour. But are you?

Youth, we are talking to you, straight from our hearts.  Do we have your ears? In some messages, you are the king of this nation.  Do you recognise this sacred responsibility? You have all the facilities, love and kindness, light and darkness, internet and wide repositories of knowledge.

Some may look at the mirrors and find their own horrors. We do not care about such futilities, because our lives are more than just wildly thrown to popular choices.

This hour we look at our own predicaments. Who do we fail? Education? Labour?  Who are really letting us down? There are those who say it is our collective responsibility. No doubt, but who are we, really, if we can’t even caution each other?

The numbers that have come to us do show that our young are doing well. That means education. That means employment. That means looking and planning for long-term future. Even so, all is good, we are told.  All these besides, things aren’t so rosy in our backyards. Why are our farms empty even as roads have come to the doorstep of every farmer in the farthest rural household?

Elections are nearing. The nation’s worth will be measured less by the visits of the powerful this season than by the dreams that people are able to voice in their earnest. There are some issues that our young need to understand: listen to the roar or to the call.

When a nation’s young are poorly directed to their full potential, it is not the nation’s politics that loses, but the heart of the society. This is to the governments of the day, which involves parents and guardians.

But why must our children lose their dream because we elder fail to lead?

Work hard, children, and shoot your way through. You must and will succeed. That’s the point. Do not trust anyone but your own heart.

Electioneering games will come and go. But let them pass. You pave your path, dear young ones. The best promises are the ones you make unto yourself.