The dzongkhag administration of Trongsa in collaboration with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Association of Bhutan Tour Operators (ABTO) will work on the development of the Heritage Palace tour and restoration of traditional routes.

This was discussed during the meeting between the dzongkhag administration and the TCB on August 26.

A concept note for the heritage palace tour, based on the exiting information with ABTO would be developed and submit to TCB for approval.

The dzongkhag’s tourism focal person, Phuntsho Rinzin, said that the TCB-funded project would be initiated between 2019 and 2020 financial year.

It was learnt that the Nabji-Korphu route would be restored to encourage more tourist arrival in the dzongkhag, which has declined over the years.

The project is expected to open income opportunities for the people of the locality.

Korphu is the only gewog in Trongsa without a blacktopped road.

The construction of restroom at Yotongla and renovation of restroom at Jangbi were also discussed.

Phuntsho Rinzin said that the official from TCB and the dzongkhag administration held a consultation meeting with the people of Nabji-Korphu. “The people were very supportive of the tourism development concept for the locality.”

Homestays would be made available in Korphu.

The dzongkhag has also plan to renovate the historical trail, including the bazam between viewpoint and the Trongsa Dzong.

The development of resting place for visitors at Chendebji is also included in the plan for the tourism development in the dzongkhag.

Nim Dorji | Trongsa