A tourist from West Bengal, India, Jagadish Sinha, returned a fanny pack of a fellow tourist that he found on his way from Taktsang to Paro police on December 26 evening.

Royal Bhutan Police said in its facebook page that the pack contained US$ 5,290, Macau$ 4,500, Hongkong $6,000, Bhutanese currency Nu 15,000 and travel documents. The pack was returned to its owner, Lei Deolinda from Macau, China who is also in the country as a tourist.

“Mr Jagadish Sinha has demonstrated high standards of integrity and honesty by returning a fanny pack that he found along the way, on his return from Taktsang this evening,” the Royal Bhutan Police stated in its post. “The RBP is immensely grateful to Mr Jagadish Sinha and commends his honesty and integrity. Such acts restore our faith in humanity.”

Staff Reporter