With seven schools on the top-10 lists, Sarpang dzongkhag has the highest number of top performing schools in both Class III and VI levels. Trashigang has the highest number of top ranked schools for both Class X and XII levels with four schools.

This is according to the education ministry’s school performance management system (SPMS) 2018.

The top most schools in Class III are Lharing Primary School (PS) and Retey PS in Class VI levels in Sarpang. Radhi Middle Secondary School (MSS) in Trashigang topped the Class X level, while Ugyen Academy Higher Secondary School (HSS) in Punakha topped in class XII level.

SPMS was designed as a tool to measure and continuously improve performance of schools. It comprises of school performance scorecards, school self-assessment and annual school improvement plan.

Scorecards were based on three areas – academic learning scorecard (ALS) quality enabling practices (EPS), and GNH. ALS measures a school’s performance against student academic outcomes such as percentage of students performing above 45 percent, 60 percent, and 70 percent.

Quality enabling practices scorecard measures effectiveness of critical processes and practices of school’s management, quality and impact of teaching and training, infrastructure, and effectiveness of school planning processes.

The GNH scorecard measures achievement on GNH values and practices in schools as measured through the GNH indicators developed by the Education Monitoring Division (EMD).

None of the public schools in Thimphu made it to the top-10 list in all levels.

Six private schools made it to top-10 in all levels. Apart from Ugyen Academy HSS, this includes Thimphu PS, Utpal Junior Wing, Dr. Tobgyel MSS, Early Learning Centre HSS, and Karma Academy.

Based on the three scorecards, the chief and deputy district education officers in dzongkhags and thromdes visit all schools in their jurisdiction at least twice a year. The scores are given based on rubrics and established rating scales.

The ALS of classes III, VI, IX and XI and public examination performance in classes X and XII determine annual school rankings.

While ‘top performing’ schools are recognised (award of certificate), the SPMS is forced on identifying schools that need improvement. The result stated mentioned that education monitoring officers visit schools with an objective to find out the causes of low performance, especially in ALS, and identify appropriate solutions or interventions.

Yangchen C Rinzin