Over the past few years, the general hospital in Trashigang has witnessed an increasing number of patients visiting the hospital.

The hospital today sees more than 100 patients every day.

The 40-bed hospital had four general duties medical officers (GDMO) until last month. By mid-June, three GDMOs left for studies.

Some of the patients visiting the hospital said that there are not enough doctors to attend the long queue outside the chambers.

A patient, Wangchu, said it must be tiring for a doctor to see all the patients in a day. “It would then affect the quality of service he renders.”

The 58-year-old patient has come for a review from Dremtse in Mongar.

He said that for people of Dramtse, it was easier to come to Trashigang than to go to Mongar although it is a referral hospital.

Including patients from the dzongkhag, the hospital also receives patients from Trashiyangtse, Mongar and Pemagatshel.

Another patient from Tongzhang in Trashiyangtse said that sometimes the doctors prescribe medicines without much inspection. “Sometimes it appears the doctor conduct the checkups in haste.”

He said people would appreciate if doctors could take time and conduct a thorough inspection because visiting the hospital time and again is expensive for them.

Doctors at the hospital, however, say that although there are many patients at times, attending to all of them is not an issue. “But the quality of service is compromised,” a doctor said.

Health officials have taken interim measures.

Since the beginning of this month, the hospital administration brought in an additional doctor from Kanglung basic health unit. Currently, the hospital has two GDMOs and a gynaecologist.

The administration brings in doctors from the nearby BHUs like Bartsham and Rangjung whenever required.

Officials said that the administration has put up a requisition to the ministry for the replacement of the three doctors who left for their studies.

They say the replacement is likely to come through by the end of the month.

Younten Tshedup | Trashigang